Sunday, January 25, 2009

Iranian theorocracy exploits Gaza for own ends

Despite their rhetoric the Iranian Mullahs witheld practical support from the Palestinian Resistance. Yassamine Mather reveals the extent of the Mullahs treachery. Full article at link.There can be no doubts that over the last few weeks Tehran has used the most colourful rhetoric amongst Islamic states to ‘prove’ its support for Gaza’s Palestinian population. However Iran’s actions have, as always, failed miserably in matching its slogans. According to one commentator writing in last week’s Economist, “Iranian support for Hamas was more theatrical than practical.”
As late as December 2008 ayatollah Rafsanjani said: “If tanks enter Gaza, something amazing will happen. Palestinians will use new weapons and hunt [Israelis] from a long distance.” However, three days later, General Mohammad Jafari, head of Iran’s armed forces, stated that “Gaza does not need the logistic and military support of other countries to defend itself.” In early January ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said anyone killed defending Palestinians would be a martyr. Islamic student groups claimed that 70,000 signed up to go to Gaza. But when volunteers staged a sit-in at Tehran’s international airport, demanding to be allowed to travel to Palestine, they were told to go home.
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators, including Mothers for Peace, and students involved in protests outside western embassies were arrested. Then Khamenei went on state television to tell the nation that Iranian hands were tied. In other words, despite all the rhetoric Iran’s Islamic regime was going to do absolutely nothing while over 1,400 Palestinians were being massacred.
Yet the theatrical posturings of the regime, combined with constant revelations about its secret dealings with Israel (eg, the arms trade, as exposed by Irangate, and more recently oil sales), has led many people, including sections of Iranian youth, to conclude that everything it says is lies - which has resulted in a degree of apathy towards the plight of Gaza. The Islamic regime’s religious propaganda, far from gathering support for the Palestinians, has created cynicism towards regional issues on the part of these youngsters. This can only help the imperialists and their allies.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Solidarity with the Palestinian people!

Solidarity with the Palestinian people!
No to war in Gaza and the Middle East!

Hands off the People of Iran unreservedly condemns the barbaric onslaught by Israel on Palestinians and the siege of Gaza. We call on supporters of our campaign to join the demonstrations taking place all over the country.

The scale of terror being inflicted shows that the Israeli state is hell-bent on ethnic cleansing the Palestinian people.

George Bush obviously supports the Israeli atrocities. Obama is keeping his mouth shut. But it is clear what side he is on. He supported the invasion of Lebanon by Israel in 2006 and has recently endorsed Israel taking ‘firm’ action against Hamas.

But it was actually Israel that breached the ceasefire, not Hamas. They staged an incursion into Gaza on 5 November during the US election. Hamas responded with rockets and Israel was then able to use that as an excuse to collectively punish the Palestinian people once again.

Israel, with US support, is twisting reality to justify horrendous acts against civilians. We call for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops and an end to the siege of Gaza. But Hamas is not an answer. It is the politics of despair. Instead we need a united working class solution in Palestine and throughout the Middle East.

Israel would welcome the chance to widen hostilities to include bombardment of Iran. An attack on Iran is definitely on their agenda – one that would also receive the support of the US under both Bush and Obama.

In the face of this we need to increase our efforts to build solidarity and unity against imperialism and its allies. But our solidarity is with the people, not the Iranian state or any other middle-east regime.

Change must come from below, from progressive and working class forces. Imperialism only brings bloodshed and depravity. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian people and extend our solidarity to them.

Our campaign demands are:
No to imperialist war! For the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US/UK troops from Iraq and the entire Gulf region!

No to any imperialist intervention. The immediate and unconditional end to sanctions on Iran.

No to the theocratic regime!

Opposition to Israeli expansionism and aggression!

Support to all working class and progressive struggles in Iran against poverty and repression!

Support for socialism, democracy and workers' control in Iran!

For a nuclear-free Middle East as a step towards a nuclear-free world!

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