Thursday, April 24, 2008

No to imperialist war!

No to the theocratic regime!

We recognise that there is an urgent need to establish a principled solidarity campaign with the people of Iran.

The contradictions between the interests of the neo-conservatives in power in the USA and the defenders of the rule of capital in the Islamic Republic has entered a dangerous new phase.

US imperialism and its allies are intent on regime change from above and are seriously considering options to impose this - sanctions, diplomatic pressure, limited strikes or perhaps bombing the country back to the stone age.

The main enemy is imperialism. The Iranian regime does not represent a progressive or consistent anti-imperialist force.

Our campaign demands are:

No to imperialist war! For the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US/UK troops from Iraq and all the Gulf region!

No to any imperialist intervention. The immediate and unconditional end to sanctions on Iran.
No to the theocratic regime!

Opposition to Israeli expansionism and aggression

Support to all working class and progressive struggles in Iran against poverty and repression!

Support for socialism and democracy in Iran and therefore solidarity with all democratic, working class, socialist and secular movements in Iran.

Opposition to Israeli, British and American nuclear-weapons. For a Middle East free of nuclear-weapons as a step towards world-wide nuclear disarmament!

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cropbeye said...

Hi there will be a meeting of
Anti War Ireland in Cork on Wed 10th

September at the Library of Quacker
Meeting House in Capwell

at 6.30 H.O.P.I people would be more
than welcome and Iran will be on
the agenda

John Ryan