Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Message of solidarity to 9 July demos in Iran

Hands off the People of Iran’ calls for solidarity with the masses in revolt against the Islamic regime!
Solidarity with the 9 July demonstrations in Iran!
No illusions in Moussavi!
No to any US or UN intervention of any kind!
We do not want another Iraq or Afghanistan.Real solidarity can only come from the working class internationally.
Hands off People Of Iran sends solidarity greetings to protestors in Iran on 9th July. This day is the 10th anniversary of 18 Tir – when the Iranian state, under President Khatami violently put down a protest by students. The protest was initially against the suppression of a popular newspaper. Students were attacked in their university dormitories , as they were ransacked and set on fire by state forces. The reaction to the attack was overwhelming, with mass demonstrations taking place. The students became very radicalised and openly opposed the regime. Ayatollah Ali Khameneh’I ordered the movement to be crushed and President Khatami approved this decision.
Khatami is today a supporter of Moussavi. His role in the brutal suppression of the student movement must not be forgotten. Moussavi himself has a terrible history of repression when he was prime minister in the 1980s, when many activists were executed by the regime. In power Iran’s reformists are just as vicious and dictatorial as the current government.
Today we send our support to those protesting to mark 18 Tir and commit ourselves to build support for your struggle in Iran. We are against any intervention by the United States or other governments. Real solidarity can only come from the working class, from those who stand with you in our common struggle.
Hands Off the People of Iran utterly condemns the brutal crackdown against the opposition movement in Iran. We call for the immediate unconditional release of prisoners, for the withdrawal of state forces from the streets, for the lifting of the ban on reporting and restrictions on internet and mobile phone use.
The regime in Iran is under threat from below. But the United States or the UN are no friends of the Iranian people. Economic sanctions have brought hardship to the ordinary people of Iran but have not affected the rich and powerful. Diplomatic sanctions and isolation will only strengthen the hand of the regime against the people.
Real democracy must come from the struggle from below. It cannot be delivered through the theocrats, whether they happen to be Ahmadinejad, Moussavi or Karoubi. Neither should there be a return to a monarchy – the Shah himself imprisoned tortured and killed thousands of democrats and working class activists.
It is up to the people of Iran to take things into their own hands. It is up to the working class and progressives throughout the world to make solidarity with their cause. It is time for a second, democratic revolution in Iran.
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