Friday, March 4, 2011

Iran Film Showing & 'Free Panahi! Free all political prisoners!' Discussion.

Hands off the People of Iran (HOPI) will host a film & discussion night on Thursday 10th March at in the Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

The Circle (information below), a film directed by Jafar Panahi will be shown and the 'Free Panahi! Free all political prisoners!' campaign will be launched. Jafar Panahi has had a savage six-year jail sentence imposed on him, plus a 20-year ban on making films and travelling abroad, for the 'crime' of planning to make a film about the mass movement for democracy that spilled onto the streets of major iranian cities in 2009.


Following the film there will be a discussion on how to build solidarity with the Iranian People who are struggling against a dictatorial regime. The Iranian regime has used its militias to murder protesters who have come out in solidarity with the people of Egypt. The Iranian people are just as entitled to democracy as the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain and Libya.

The film, ‘The Circle’, is a hard-hitting and critical stance against the Iranian regime and its brutal treatment of women. ‘The Circle’ is a weaving of women’s stories whose lives intermingle for one day around each of their difficult and personal stories. On its release in 2000 it was denounced from the state authorities for it’s protrayal of life in Iran but won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Since then Jafar Panahi has been targetted for his work and was imprisoned in March 2010 but due to a worldwide public protest he was released in May. However on 20 December 2010, Jafar Panahi was charged again but with a harsher sentence of six years imprisonment. He has also been given a 20-year ban for the following: making or directing any movies; banned from communicating with Iranian or foreign journalists and the state authorities have also banned him from leaving the country. His other works include: Offside, Crimson Gold & the White Balloon.

The recent protests in Iran highlight the inhumane force and ferocious brutality that the dictactor Ahmajinedad has inflicted on his people. On February 14th one protestor was killed by riot police while hundreds of peace activists have been jailed. State Militias again attacked protesters on February 21st and another demonstrator was murdered by state forces. Since the overthrow of corrupt Egyptian ruler Mubarak, Iranian authorities have been in preparation for further protests especially with the upcoming two-year anniversary of the presidential election in June 2009 where hundreds were killed]. HOPI are highlighting their support for those suffering under the regime and for those protesting for their basic human rights.

Hopi has recently launched the 'Free Panahi! Free all political prisoners!' campaign that fights for:

Freedom for all political prisoners and an end to all executions.
Stop the medieval prison sentences imposed against political opponents of the regime.
No sanctions or military threats against Iran and for radical change from below.

For further information and how to get involved please contact:

Further reading on Jafar Panahi:

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